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Day 01: Trek to Triund. Triund Trek is one of the most popular treks to go over a weekend from Delhi and Chandigarh. The place showcases the vibrant and distinct Tibetan culture, and you will be fascinated to see the splendid monasteries, prayer flags and wheels, and the lamas. return false; Is Triund trek open in December & January? Triund Trek, Help Keep Mother Nature Clean and Green. } else if(fieldObj.nodeName=='SELECT') { Again opening dates would depend upon level of snow that has fallen in winter season. A must-do for those expecting an easy and trouble-free taste of trekking in this region. alert(fldLangVal[i] +' cannot be empty'); document.getElementById('imgid').src = document.getElementById('imgid').src+'&d'+new Date().getTime(); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. , be ready to be accompanied by cute, harmless mountain dogs. The most picturesque, with spectacular views of the Kangra Valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges. With breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges, it is also very picturesque. var email='';

If you like nature, clouds, scenic mountain views or camping under the starlit night sky, a trek to Triund will be an excellent choice. fieldObj.focus(); if(fieldObj) { But due to cold weather, it’s important to carry warm clothes. 2 posts. } Local people usually trek here to pay a visit to Nag Devta (Snake God) for the protection of the village. Heavy snowfall during these months cut off some sections of the trekking route. Just, Delhi Address: R294, Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21, Noida, PIN 201301 tel:+918750551168, Registered Address: 237, Getore Chak, Prem Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan, Copyright © 2018 All Right Reserved. var name=''; var fieldObj=document.forms['WebToLeads3880343000000341102'][mndFileds[i]]; What Should You Know About Triund Trek in January. We had also planned to visit Triund but due to snowfall our Trek advisor , advised not to , so please check before.Here's my photoblog which will help you explore Mcleodganj and some lesser known places . if(fieldObj.checked == false){ */ var mndFileds=new Array('Last Name','Email','LEADCF1','Mobile'); On your. } For a good trekking experience, it’s highly recommended to consult experienced and professional trekking experts. alert(fldLangVal[i] +' cannot be none'); fieldObj.focus(); fieldObj.focus(); var fieldObj=document.forms['WebToLeads3880343000000341102'][mndFileds[i]]; Triund Trek. } Lockdown and Boredom Staring out of my window into the oblivion. Tell me about the weather conditions of triund, Plannint triund trek on january 18 2019 will it be open. var fldLangVal=new Array('Last Name','Email','Trek/Tour Name','Mobile'); fieldObj.focus(); Spread the love. However, if you like snow, it can be a good choice. Once Triund trek closes in January it open late February or early March. The last one kilometre trek is also known as the 22 curves because of the 22 hard curves.

function checkMandatory3880343000000341102() { } Though Triund trek is open throughout the year, it’s worth mentioning that January can be a pretty cold month to plan your visit. var mndFileds=new Array('Last Name','Email','LEADCF1'); In case you’re planning to stay overnight, try to book the Forest Guest House from the Forest Office in Dharamshala. We will be happy to assist you accordingly. Anita Sharma January 4, 2021 Travel No Comments. var name=''; With amazing perspectives on the Kangra valley and the snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges, it is additionally exceptionally pleasant. } That said, however, due to heavy snowfall certain parts of the trek In January and February, it is not uncommon to have the place all to yourself and that makes this trek very lucrative in winters. Please let us know if you have any queries in near future. }

Triund Trek in January. } else { However, if you like snow, it can be a good choice. Himachal has received exceptionally heavy snowfall this winter and January seemed like the best time to visit Triund as it lay desolate and covered in a mantle of snow and ice. } catch (e) {} if( == 'Last Name') { 6 years ago. return false; Answer 1 of 3: Is trekking triund in January a good idea?? From January to March Triund receives heavy snowfall and temperature can vary from -5 degrees to 2 degrees. Best Time To Visit Triund Trek. A short 3 to 4 hour trek from the Main Square in McLeodganj, Triund is easily accessible throughout the year. function reloadImg() { This trek is almost a rite of passage for travellers visiting this Tibetan city-in-exile. alert('Please select a file to upload. fieldObj.focus(); alert(fldLangVal[i] +' cannot be empty'); 4. You can do it in snow or no snow. } else if(fieldObj.type =='checkbox'){ Trek to triund contact 09857625601 Camping trek to indrahar pass contact 7018183646 watsaapp 09857625601 Expedition to the summit starts from Pantwari. If you want to experience Triund Trek amidst of the snowfall, the best time you plan the itinerary in the months of January and February. Just click here. } catch (e) {} Everyone has had a feeling of hopelessness, cynicism, fear, anxiety, and, of course, boredom at some point in these past six months. One of the most popular trekking destinations in northern India, a visit to Triund feels delightful any time of the year, including the cold month of January. Due to cold weather, it’s important to carry warm clothes. } else { return false; Triund trek is come-at-able for most part of the year except for when the byway to triund is cut off by heavy snowfall in the months of january and february . Keeping weather concerns in mind. Tour Details. Also, it’s better to plan the trek under the guidance and supervision of experienced trekkers. While walking up the trail, you can see the popular Kareri Lake. This article will GUIDE you on how to hike and trek to Triund Hill at your own between April to November months as during (Dec-March first week) Snowfall it is better to have guide. Daman07. if (((fieldObj.value).replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '')).length==0) { Can you trek to Triund? document.getElementById('imgid').src=document.getElementById('imgid').src.substring(0,document.getElementById('imgid').src.indexOf('&d'))+'&d'+new Date().getTime();

function checkMandatory3880343000000341102() { function reloadImg() { It is one of those fantastic weekend getaway destinations, which is close to Delhi and Chandigarh. if(fieldObj.type =='file') Me and my friends are planning a trip to triund in January…any suggestions it’s our 1st trip to triund. return false; To get in touch with our team, just, Delhi Address: R294, Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21, Noida, PIN 201301 tel:+918750551168, Registered Address: 237, Getore Chak, Prem Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur Rajasthan, Copyright © 2018 All Right Reserved. Though the temperature can plunge below zero degree anytime and snowfall may happen in March or April too, Triund trek gives you best experience during March onward. } Due to cold weather, it’s important to carry warm clothes. var email='';

Nights can be chilly and you won’t have to sleep in the tent.

/* Do not remove this code. if(document.getElementById('imgid').src.indexOf('&d') !== -1 ) { var name=''; Menu. Adventurous trekkers can definitely go ahead to do Triund trek in the month of January. if(fieldObj.type =='file') You can walk to triund anytime of the year. Post-Lockdown trek to triund, It is an undeniable fact that lockdown did take a severe toll on our mental health. } If you are also looking for this beautiful trek, then here is a complete guide for you. try { Triund trek is one of the easiest and most stunning treks in Himachal Pradesh. Keeping weather concerns in mind. } Late in August the temperature starts decreasing and you can visit triund … Triund; How to trek to Triund; Blogs. fieldObj.focus(); If you’re looking to plan a trek to Triund, you can get in touch with our seasoned trekkers. alert('Please select a file to upload. I was no different. It is perhaps the easiest Himalayan trek to do on your own. Chandigarh, India. Triund Trek, Help Keep Mother Nature Clean and Green. Heavy snowfall renders Triund literally inaccessible for few weeks in January and February, during peak winter. Hi! var email=''; Whether you plan to visit Triund in the summer season or wish to walk over the snowy mountain terrain, Triund always gives mesmerizing views of the Dhauladhar range and lush green valleys. { } Though it is rainy in June and July but still trekking is possible ,the meadow is lush green presenting out of this world vista. Weather at Triund is always unpredictable. }

alert('Please accept '+fldLangVal[i]); var mndFileds=new Array('Last Name','Email','LEADCF1','Mobile'); return false; Before we tell you about Triund weather in January, here’s what you should know about the trek. However, dense fog or mist may not allow you to get clear views of the Kangra Valley and Dhauladhar range. You’ll find many college-goers planning a Triund trek in January over a random weekend. } It’s quite popular among amateurs and first-time trekking enthusiasts. Mun, Camel, Rifle horn, Two Guns, Slab and Dromedary Peak are just some of the peaks that dominate the skyline under a bright umbrella of stars on a clear night. A similar shop is also available at the top. You can visit Triund any time of the year except for January and February because during these two months the bypass is closed due to heavy rainfall. } It takes around 10 hours from Delhi by road to reach McLeodganj. Nag Tibba Winter Trek- Pilgrimage to Nag Devta’s Abode. var fldLangVal=new Array('Last Name','Email','Trek Name'); On your trek, be ready to be accompanied by cute, harmless mountain dogs. for(i=0;i

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